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Scissors, Snips & Cutting Tools

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Scissors, snips, and cutting tools use one or more blades to cut a variety of materials. Axes, machetes, hooks, and wedges cut wood, brush, and other growth. Bolt and chain cutters cut bolts, padlocks, chain, wire mesh, and more. Cable cutters trim cable and wire rope without flattening or fraying the ends. Gasket cutters create seals from rubber, plastic, cork, fiber, felt, and other materials. Glass cutters score glass tubing or plates to cleanly break them without shattering. Hand planes shave off thin layers to shape, level, and smooth wood surfaces. Nippers grab onto and cut through wire, screws, bolts, and nails. Scissors cut paper, film, plastic sheets, and other thin materials. Snips, notchers, and nibblers make straight, curved, or notched cuts in sheet metal. Siding cutters make notch cutouts, drain tabs, and miter cuts in vinyl J-channels.