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Punching Tools & Chisels

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Punching tools and chisels strike their tip or cutting edge against workpieces to make holes or cuts, shape or remove material, and set parts in place. Also known as struck tools, they are typically hit on their striking end with a mallet or hammer. Punches mark, pierce, or position parts and materials. Knockout punches and dies create round holes in sheet metal and other thin, flat materials. Chisels persuade objects into place, smooth out surfaces, and cut, notch, chip, or shape materials. Combination punch and chisel sets include various chisels and punches to perform a range of marking, striking, and positioning tasks. Nail setters push nail or pin heads below wood surfaces to countersink them without splitting the surrounding material. Punch and chisel holders grip punches and chisels to keep hands out of the way of the hammer strike. Scratch awls and tapping tools mark surfaces and make holes with their pointed tip.