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Pryers & Pullers

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Pryers and pullers move, remove, or position parts and materials. Pry bars use their long body as a lever to shift, align, lift, and pull apart materials. Flange and set-up wedges fit under or between objects to separate, lift, or level them. Jaw pullers grip components with their claw and unseat them from shafts or recesses. Bearing splitters act as a wedge that works with a push-puller or jaw puller to remove bearings or other press-fit components from shafts. Push-pullers have a bar with a forcing screw that turns to apply pushing or pulling force to remove and install parts. Slide hammer pullers repeatedly thrust a weight along a slide rod to pull rusted-on or wedged-in parts that would be difficult to unseat with the more uniform pulling force of jaw pullers or push-pullers. Assorted puller and separator sets include different types of pullers and separators to perform a range of pulling tasks.