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Pliers squeeze their jaws together to grip or cut. Tongue-and-groove pliers provide a wide jaw-capacity range to grip and turn pipes, fittings, and fasteners. Diagonal-cutting pliers cut closely against surfaces to trim wire, zip ties, screws, nails, and more. Precision-cutting pliers allow fine control for electronics and other detailed work. Long-nose pliers pull, twist, bend, and loop wire and other thin materials. Slip-joint pliers have an adjustable pivot point to extend their jaw range. Lineman's pliers have side cutters to cut wire and a gripping zone to pull and twist wire. Locking pliers fix their jaws to grip, turn, and clamp. Assorted sets include different types of pliers. Retaining-ring pliers install and remove snap rings that fit into a bore or onto a shaft. Specialty pliers perform specific gripping or cutting tasks.