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Pipe, Hose & Conduit Hand Tools

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Benders create curves in tubing and pipe to route them around obstacles, fit them along corners, or align one length with another. Cutters slice through pipe, tubing, or conduit to get the required length or remove damaged sections. Tube flaring and swaging tools widen the ends of tubing to make connections in plumbing, HVAC, and automotive applications. Reamers and descalers smooth and debur pipe, tubing, and conduit to ready them for fittings or threading. Threading and beveling tools add threads or angled edges to pipe ends so they will form tight joints with fittings. Hose and valve tag crimpers pinch ferrules onto hose or press wire onto valve tags to secure them in place. Connection tools prepare pipe and tubing for fittings, connect or disconnect fittings, or confirm proper installation of fittings. Pipe shut-off tools temporarily stop flow in pipes when fixing leaks or adding fittings. Pipe extractors remove broken pipe or prepare pipe for a new branch.