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Hammers strike objects and surfaces to drive fasteners, position parts, remove material, shape metal, and more. They have a handle to swing the tool and a rigid head with at least one striking face to deliver the blow. Sledge hammers combine a heavy head and two-handed handle for high-impact blows. Engineering and drilling hammers hit more accurately but less forcefully than sledges. Ball- and cross-peen hammers have a striking face and a shaping face. Claw and framing hammers strike with their flat face and pry with their claw. Dead-blow hammers minimize bounce back to reduce surface damage and transfer the full impact of the blow to the object being struck. Mallets spread striking force across their broad, soft faces to prevent surface damage. Soft-face split-head hammers allow changing of face materials and fitting a different face material on each end. Chipping and riveting hammers use their pointed tip or beveled edge to remove coatings, welding slag, and other buildup.