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Electrical & Data Hand Tools

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Electrical and data hand tools are used by electricians, network technicians, assembly line workers, and others who install and repair wire and cable. Wire strippers and cable slitters remove insulation, jackets, and coatings without damaging wire and cable strands. Wire and data cable crimpers pinch connectors onto wire, making solderless connections. Wire and cable pullers guide electrical, data, and telecom lines into place. Cable tie tools wrap ties or cords around wire and cable to bundle them or fasten them to pipe, trays, and racks. Fuse pullers remove blown fuses from blocks and holders. Punchdown tools connect telecom and data cable to patch panels, wiring blocks, keystone jacks, and other network connectors. Alignment and connector tools position, join, and remove wire, contacts, and other components. Fiber optic tools prepare fiber optic cable and connectors for installation. Wire wrapping tools wind, unwind, and thread wire in electronics and telecom applications.