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Concrete & Masonry Hand Tools

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Concrete and masonry hand tools assist with forming and finishing flatwork or laying brick and stone. Rebar tying, bending, and cutting tools secure, angle, and trim rebar that supports concrete slabs. Concrete placers and mortar hoes mix and spread wet concrete and mortar. Concrete leveling floats bring cream up to the surface and spread it to remove surface imperfections before troweling. Concrete finishing trowels smooth and level concrete after floating. Concrete edgers, groovers, and step tools strengthen slab edges, cut joints to control cracks, and shape stairs. Concrete kneeboards allow kneeling on top of large slabs to finish concrete. Concrete brooms and masonry brushes add texture or coatings to concrete surfaces. Masonry trowels mix, spread, level, and smooth mortar and other materials. Masonry jointers shape and refine mortar between bricks and blocks. Masonry leveling line and tongs assist with laying out and transporting bricks at jobsites.