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Clamps grip workpieces together or press them against a work surface. They provide a temporary hold that prevents shifting or separation while working on or joining parts and materials. C-clamps hold work within their C-shaped frame and between their jaws, which adjust on a threaded spindle. Bar clamps slide their movable jaw along a long bar that provides a wide capacity for holding work. Pipe clamps are a set of two jaws that attach to a length of pipe, which serves as a removable slide bar. Trigger clamps and spreaders move their jaws with a squeeze-action trigger that allows one-handed operation and rapid adjustment. Locking clamps operate like locking pliers, using their handle to close and lock the jaws. Spring clamps open and close on a pivot point to create tension in the jaws. Angle and strap clamps apply uniform pressure to secure workpieces at their corners. Cabinetry clamps draw two cabinet frames together to secure and align them during fastening.