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Assorted Tool Sets & Kits

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Assorted tool sets and kits include various types of tools to perform a range of tasks or complete different steps in a process. General maintenance tool sets have tools to inspect, service, and repair machinery, mechanical systems, and structural components in a building. Electrical, communications, and electronics tool sets are commonly used by electricians, network technicians, assembly line workers, and others who install and repair wire and cable. Electric vehicle tool sets supply an assortment of automotive tools to perform maintenance and repairs on electric, hybrid electric, and battery electric vehicles. Plumbing and HVAC tool sets contain tools to install and repair pipe, duct, and other components of plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Railroad tool sets consist of tools to build, rebuild, and repair locomotives and railcars. Nonsparking tool sets include tools that resist creating sparks to prevent ignition of hazardous materials.