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High-Accuracy Thermistor Probes

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High-accuracy thermistor probes measure temperatures as a function of changes in electrical resistance. They provide more accurate readings faster that other types of probes over a smaller range of temperatures. Threaded thermistor probes use a thread-mounted sensor for fixed-position temperature sensing in closed tanks and pipes. Flex-wire thermistor probes, also known as NTC probes, have an insulated cable with a beaded junction that’s typically connected to a meter or receiver. Handheld thermistor probes have durable plastic or steel handles and are used with meter or receiver to measure temperatures in various locations. Flange-mounted thermistor probes are commonly fixed to the outer wall of a duct and measure both the temperature and quality of air flowing through the duct. Strap-mounted thermistor probes have elastic straps that secure them around pipes for surface measurements.