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Fixed-Location Thermometers & Thermowells

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Fixed-location thermometers are installed and left in the same place to measure and monitor temperatures. Thread-mounted dial and digital thermometers consist of a threaded stem with a bimetal probe and dial scale or digital display for direct reading. Thermowells protect these thermometers from harsh process conditions. Remote reading panel-mount dial and digital thermometers do not need to be placed in the same area as the process being measured. Sanitary-clamp dial and digital thermometers are used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries and can be mounted and removed quickly via a quick-clamping connection. Magnetic-back surface temperature thermometers use a strong magnet for secure mounting connections when used on ferrous metals. Pipe-mounted surface temperature thermometers use clamps or clips that secure them around pipes to measure the temperatures of liquids or air.