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Pressure & Vacuum Measurement

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Pressure and vacuum instruments measure and monitor absolute, static, and differential pressure in positive pressure and vacuum systems to ensure they’re operating within safe parameters. Digital and dial pressure, vacuum, and compound gauges measure the pressure of liquids or gases in a system such as in pumps, filters, compressors, regulators, and boilers. Differential pressure gauges measure the difference in pressure between two sides of a system. Some gauges may be equipped with a switch to integrate to systems. Analog and digital manometers also measure low positive, negative, or differential air and gas pressures in dust collection systems and HVAC filter banks. Pressure and vacuum transmitters or transducers, transmit a continuous signal to collect data and send it to a monitoring device. Functional accessories such as pitot tubes, siphons, snubbers, test plugs, and gauge isolators can expand the utility and extend the life of a pressure gauge or differential pressure gauge.