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Nonelectrical Properties Testing

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Cleaning efficiency meters measure the biological matter in a sample. Stopwatches and timers measure time to gauge events. Radiation detectors measure radiation levels. Hydronic manometers measure the temperature and pressure inside a hydronic heating system. Magnetic field meters measure the strength of magnetic fields. Adhesion testers measure the force needed to overcome adhesives. Conductivity level equipment monitors the fluid level in a tank. Instrument training ensures equipment is used correctly. Milk pasteurization testers verify milk is being pasteurized correctly. Wire length meters measure the length of wires using resistance. Color analyzers measure the glossiness of a surface. Samplers take samples from barrels and other containers. Coating pinhole detectors find holes in surface treatments. Liquid level and temperature controls regulate fluid temps and levels in a tank. Soluble salt testers verify the level of salt on a surface.