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Concrete Testing

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Concrete testing equipment aids users in testing concrete composition, mixing, and load testing. Cylinder molds create consistent concrete samples of a known size. Cylinder mold accessories make the creation of concrete samples with cylinder molds easier. Air entrapment equipment measures the air content of mixed concrete. Crack monitors and caliper marks visually display the size of cracks in concrete as they expand or contract. Slump testing equipment measures the consistency of concrete to ensure correct mixing and composition. Slump tester accessories help perform concrete slump tests. Rebar locators find the location of rebar reinforcement in concrete. Rebar corrosion locators locate rust or corrosion in rebar and verify its extent. Rebar locator accessories aid the rebar location process by providing additional functions and enhancing existing ones. Beam forms are molds for creating concrete samples of specific dimensions. Maturity meters connect to temperature sensors embedded in concrete slabs and verify that they are curing correctly.