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Access barriers and crowd control products manage heavy foot traffic in busy facilities and outdoor events, restrict access to prohibited areas, block hazards, protect pedestrians, and guide motorists. Detectors and scanners screen for potential threats and alert security personnel to the presence of metal or explosives. Doors and door frames reinforce entrances of facilities that require added security. Key control and identification products manage keys and access to buildings. Locks secure property from unauthorized access and protect equipment from theft. Mailboxes sort and organize mail for businesses and residences. Police and EMT uniforms are worn by law enforcement officers and emergency medical technicians. Safes are locking storage boxes that protect valuables from theft and damage. Security alarms and warnings prevent theft and emit loud sounds in case of emergency. Security management and law enforcement equipment is used by public safety personnel to provide security, manage incidents, and protect themselves and civilians from threats. Security seals prevent tampering with shipping containers, freight, and totes. Self-defense products disable attackers and protect users from potential harm. Video surveillance equipment installs in strategic areas to record and deter crime.