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Keyed Alike Padlocks

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Keyed alike padlocks restrict access to property but allow authorized users to open all padlocks in a set with the same key. Users only need to carry a single key to open multiple locks. These padlocks are typically used in situations where multiple locks need to be accessed by a small group of people. Standard shackle padlocks are less than 1.5" in vertical shackle clearance, while long shackle padlocks are 1.5" or more in vertical shackle clearance. Partially hidden shackle, shutter shackle, and hidden shackle padlocks resist cutting as the shackles are less exposed than with other padlocks. Breakaway shackle padlocks have a shackle that can be broken with a hammer blow in an emergency. Adjustable shackle padlocks have a shackle that can be locked into multiple vertical positions. Single-post shackle padlocks are used where standard loop shackles won't fit. Flexible shackle padlocks have a shackle that wraps around items, so they're used where shorter or solid shackles aren't suitable.