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Access Barriers & Crowd Control

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Access barriers and crowd control products manage heavy foot traffic in busy facilities and outdoor events, restrict access to prohibited areas, block hazards, protect pedestrians, and guide motorists. Bollards serve as visual and physical deterrents to protect pedestrians and property or guide traffic along designated routes. Retractable belt barriers stretch across a space to temporarily restrict access, designate a route, or establish a queue for managing crowds. Plastic chain barriers provide visual guidance for foot traffic to restrict access, create walkways, and surround hazards. Rope barriers help guide guests along preferred routes or queues without detracting from the aesthetics of museums, theaters, and special events. Barrier and flagging tape alerts pedestrians to temporary hazards and prohibited areas, and marks boundaries and utility lines. Barrier and safety fencing is brightly-colored to deter access to unsafe areas. Railing, expandable, and modular barricades form rigid barricades for temporary access restrictions. Turnstiles and swing gates control crowds in areas with heavy foot traffic. Gate operator systems and vehicle detectors provide unsupervised control of entrances.