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Oil-Only Sorbents & Spill Kits

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Oil-only sorbents and spill kits are used to absorb and clean up leaks and spills of oil-based liquids without absorbing water. Pads and rolls absorb and clean up spills and drum-top pads absorb and clean up liquids on the top of drums. Pillows and blankets have large surface areas that soak up more liquid than smaller rolls and pads. Socks and booms are flexible and conform to different shapes and patterns to surround and absorb spills. Loose and granular sorbents are sprinkled on spills and swept up. Oil-eating microbes are added to spills and speed up the breakdown of oils and hydrocarbons. Skimmers and sweeps are used to absorb oil on the surface of water. Mats adhere to floors and absorb leaks and spills and minimize the risk of slips and falls.