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Cable & Wire Label Printer Labels

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Cable and wire labels attach to and identify terminal blocks, panels, wires, and cables. <b>Self-laminating</b> labels have a clear section that wraps around the printed text to protect it from abrasion, grease, and dirt. They are used on terminated cables and when additional wear resistance is required. <b>Wraparound<b> cable and wire labels identify small-diameter cables and wires such as ethernet and fiber optic cables. <b>Flag-style</b> cable and wire labels stand off from the cable when applied and allow for more text to be visible when used on small-diameter wires. <b>Tag-style</b> cable and wire labels attach to bundles of small cables to identify cables and keep them together. <b>Hook-and-loop</b> labels stick to hook-and-loop material without adhesives. <b>Heat-shrink</b> cable and wire labels slide over the end of a cable and are heated with a heat gun to shrink them so they're snug to the wire.