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Chemical, Liquid & Particulate Protective Clothing

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Chemical, liquid, and particulate protective clothing keeps workers clean and protects staff who work with hazardous and nonhazardous substances, such as spray paint, pharmaceuticals, and laboratory chemicals. Coveralls provide continuous coverage from neck to ankle to prevent particles from entering at the waist. Hoods are worn with other garments to protect the head and neck. Shirts cover the torso and arms and are often worn with pants and coveralls. Lab coats, frocks, and jackets have long sleeves, front closures, and extend past the waist to the hip or knee. Aprons and smocks cover the front of a worker to the knee. Overalls and pants are often worn with shirts to provide full body coverage. Boot and shoe covers protect surfaces from contaminants brought in on shoes and protect footwear from damage. Encapsulated suits protect workers from hazardous dust, gases, and liquids. Seam tape creates a seal where suits and gloves or other protective clothing meet.