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Knit Needlestick-Resistant Gloves

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Knit needlestick-resistant gloves are used in sanitation, recycling, healthcare, law enforcement, and other areas where workers might come into contact with hypodermic needles. Knit gloves are seamless to reduce bulk, provide good dexterity and comfort, and are made of multiple layers of cotton-blend material. A knit cuff keeps gloves in place and keeps out dirt and other materials. Gloves with a lower needlestick-resistance level, such as level 4, have less puncture resistance and greater dexterity than gloves with a higher needlestick-resistance level (level 5). These gloves also provide A9 cut-level protection against extreme cut hazards, such as when working with heavy plate-glass windows, steel cable, sharp metal, and sharp heavy blades.

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