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Impact-Resistant Gloves

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Impact-resistant gloves have protection on the knuckle-side of the hand that meets ANSI or CE standards for protection from impact hazards such as falling objects, swinging chain, and impact caused by working in tight spaces. ANSI/ISEA tests impact to the knuckles and fingers on a scale of 1 to 3, with higher levels indicating greater protection. CE-rated gloves test impact to the knuckles only and are given a pass/fail grade. Knit impact-resistant gloves are breathable and form-fitting and have a knit cuff to keep the glove in place and keep out dirt and other contaminants. Leather gloves resist wear and provide a balance of abrasion resistance and dexterity. Mechanics-style impact-resistant gloves are comfortable, durable, and provide good dexterity and sense of touch. Riggers-style impact-resistant gloves are extremely durable and often worn on oil rigs and in other extreme conditions.

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