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CONDOR Heat-Resistant Gloves

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Heat-resistant gloves are tested to ASTM F1060 standards for use when incidental contact is made in high-heat applications. Aluminized gloves have a coating on the back of the hand and thumb that reflects heat away from hands when working in foundries and near high-heat furnaces or molten metal. Knit heat-resistant gloves are made of woven fibers so they're breathable and formfitting. Leather gloves provide a balance of wear and abrasion resistance with dexterity. Woven fiberglass protects workers handling hot objects and working in extreme temperatures (up to 2000°). Mechanics-style gloves are comfortable and have good dexterity. Chemical- and heat-resistant gloves withstand exposure to acids, bases, solvents, and other chemicals. Steam-resistant gloves have a rubber layer inside the glove to protect workers from steam burns.

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