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Electrical-Insulating Glove Kits

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Electrical-insulating glove kits include an electrical-insulating rubber glove, a leather protector glove, and other accessories needed to protect workers from electrical hazards. Electrical-insulating rubber gloves are made of dielectric rubber and meet ASTM D120 specifications and NFPA 70E standards. They are categorized by voltage class (Class) and whether or not the glove is resistant to ozone (Type). Voltage class describes the maximum voltage the glove can be used with. Type I gloves are not ozone-resistant. Type II gloves resist cracking and degradation caused by exposure to high levels of ozone that can be found in high-pollution areas. Workers should use a voltage class rating that matches the requirements set by their work site. Leather protectors should always be worn over electrical-insulating rubber gloves to reduce the risk of pinholes and tears that allow electricity to penetrate the glove.

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