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Disposable Gloves

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Disposable gloves create a barrier between hands and the objects being handled to keep hands clean and protected. They also keep oils and dirt on your hands from transferring to the objects being held or inspected. Disposable, single-use gloves are thrown away after each task to prevent cross contamination. Thinner gloves offer higher dexterity and better touch sensitivity, while thicker offer more protection for hands. General purpose gloves are worn for common tasks such as cleaning and inspection. Chemical-resistant gloves are tested against one or more chemicals according to EN 374 standards to protect hands when working in labs or performing maintenance work. Cleanroom gloves have been processed to kill microorganisms and to reduce particulate shedding to keep areas clean. Food-grade gloves are FDA approved for use in food service and food processing applications. Medical-grade gloves are used in patient care and are less likely to rip and tear than other disposable gloves.