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Cut-Resistant Gloves

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Cut-resistant gloves protect the wearer from lacerations and some punctures caused by handling sharp items, such as metal and glass. Knit gloves are made of materials that protect against a range of cut risks, from handling light cardboard to appliance assembly. Leather cut-resistant gloves have a liner or cut-resistant stitching to protect workers' hands. They are abrasion-resistant and protect against contact with incidental heat and sparks. Chainmail gloves are made from metal mesh and are often worn in food processing to protect against extreme hazards encountered when using knives. Mechanics-style gloves have good dexterity and protect hands from dirt, grime, scrapes, and blisters. Chemical-resistant gloves are made of rubber polymers that protect workers who come into contact with acids, bases, solvents, and other chemicals. Riggers gloves are reinforced to protect workers' hands and increase visibility in heavy-duty tasks performed on oil rigs and in demolition and construction.