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Glove Dispensers & Accessories

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Glove accessories and dispensers are used to store, display, and care for disposable and reusable gloves. Electrical glove accessories (such as leather protectors and bags) help keep gloves in good working order. Glove dispensers hold boxes and loose gloves to make it easier for workers to obtain disposable gloves. They are wall-mounted or placed on a table where workers have easy access to gloves, helping to ensure gloves are worn when needed. Glove drying racks hold gloves open, allowing air to circulate inside the glove to speed drying. Holder clips mount to a belt, backpack, or tool bag to keep gloves close and prevent them from falling out of pockets. Liners are worn inside other gloves to provide an additional layer of protection or insulation or to help absorb perspiration. Heat-reflective aluminized pads are worn over other gloves to protect hands from light sparking and radiant heat.