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Overboots & Overshoes

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Overboots and overshoes are pulled on over existing footwear to allow workers and site visitors to wear their own shoes and boots underneath. General purpose overboots and overshoes keep feet dry and protect against some chemicals. Hazardous materials (hazmat) overboots and overshoes protect workers from caustic and corrosive chemicals. Overboots and overshoes with safety toes, toe caps, and metatarsal guards protect the front and top of the foot from injuries caused by walking into obstacles. Traction devices help workers maintain secure footing in slippery conditions. Winter overboots and overshoes keep feet warm and dry in cold weather. Floor-stripping and coating overshoes protect footwear when refinishing, waxing, and coating floors. Dielectric footwear is worn in electronics manufacturing to prevent static buildup and discharge. Anti-fatigue footwear provides a cushioned base that can help reduce foot, leg, and back pain in workers who spend long periods of time on their feet.