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Fall Protection

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Fall protection safety products prevent people working at heights from falling or decrease the risk of injury if they do fall. Fall harnesses and body belts have D-rings that connect to carabiners to provide personal protection. Self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) and lanyards connect a harness to an anchor point to prevent or arrest a fall. Anchorage connectors attach to a structural surface to provide a tie-off point for a lanyard or SRL. Fall rescue and descent equipment raises and lowers workers who have fallen or become incapacitated. Horizontal lifelines attach to two anchor points to allow workers to move freely. Guardrails, gates, and warning lines install on physical structures to prevent workers from approaching a leading edge or fall hazard. Pole climbing equipment is worn by utility workers working at height who need to climb or position themselves. Tool tethers prevent tools from falling and injuring bystanders when dropped.