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Ladder Lifeline Systems

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Ladder lifeline systems protect workers wearing personal fall protection equipment from falls when climbing fixed ladders. These ladder systems comply with ANSI Z359.16 standards that require non-caged fall protection for new ladder installations of 24 feet or greater. These systems are used on new installations or when replacing ladder cages that don't meet the ANSI standard. Two brackets secure the lifeline to the top and bottom of the ladder and a cable is stretched taught between them to create a secure lifeline. A cable guide attaches to the middle rung to provide added stability to the line. The worker attaches a compatible cable sleeve to the ladder lifeline and connects it to a lanyard or self-retracting lifeline (SRL). The sleeve moves with the worker while climbing and locks in place when a fall is detected.

Lifeline Systems for Fixed Ladders

Lifeline Systems for Fixed Ladders
Lifeline systems and components for fixed ladders install where the top rung of the ladder extends past the roof or landing surface to provide the clearance required for workers to step safely onto the working surface. They connect to cable sleeves of the same brand and series.

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Trailing Cable Sleeve

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