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Guardrails, Gates & Warning Lines for Fall Prevention

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Fall prevention products remove, block, or indicate fall hazards. Sometimes called passive fall protection, these products install in facilities, buildings, and construction sites where workers are exposed to a vertical drop of six or more feet. Self-closing gates install in a guardrail system to allow workers to enter a restricted area, while ensuring the gate closes when not in use. Guardrails block off hazards to keep workers from entering an area or approaching an edge with a drop. Modular pipe guardrail systems connect to form custom guardrails. Roof hatch guardrails block access to open hatches. Safety netting installs on open walls and around the edge of a building to block access to fall hazards, and catch debris and fallen workers. Skylight guards block access to skylights that can break and cause fall hazards when stepped on. Warning lines have brightly colored pennants strung between stanchions to indicate an edge and prevent workers from approaching the edge.