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Fall Protection Harnesses & Body Belts

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Fall protection harnesses fit around a worker's body to spread the force of a fall across the body and keep the worker upright. All harnesses have a back D-ring that attaches to an SRL or shock-absorbing lanyard. Specialty harnesses have additional D-rings. Positioning harnesses have hip D-rings that connect to positioning and restraint lanyards to keep hands free and reduce the energy it takes to stay in place. Climbing harnesses have a chest D-ring to connect to a ladder-climbing system to protect the wearer while climbing or descending a ladder or tall structure. Confined space harnesses have one D-ring on each shoulder that connects to a lanyard spreader to distribute force evenly while being raised or lowered. Body belts worn around the waist connect to positioning and restraint lanyards to keep workers positioned correctly and prevent them from falling over an edge. Bosun's chairs and seat slings support workers who need to be suspended for long periods of time.