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Eyewash Equipment & Safety Showers

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Eyewash equipment and safety showers clean irritants, chemicals, and other contaminants from the eyes, face, and body. They're installed throughout chemical plants, labs, and manufacturing facilities to comply with state or federal safety regulations. Eyewash stations flush irritants from the eyes and face. Safety showers drench the entire face and body with water. Showers with an eyewash station flush irritants from the eyes, face, and body. Portable stations don't require a plumbed water source. Thermostatic mixing valves blend water to make sure it's at a safe temperature for flushing skin and eyes. Water heaters ensure water is heated quickly to support water needs. Alarm systems have a light and an alarm that activate when equipment is used to alert workers to the emergency. Accessories and testing supplies keep equipment in compliance with regulations. Supplemental eyewash bottles and stations flush nuisance dust, dirt, and irritants from eyes and skin.