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Antislip Tapes, Treads & Stair Nosings

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Antislip tapes and stair treads and nosings have a raised surface to add traction in wet, oily, and slippery areas to prevent slips and falls. They install on stairs, landings, ramps, and other flat surfaces where added grip is important. Antislip stair nosings cover the front of the stair and have a lip that protects the fore edge of the stair from damage caused by incidental bumps. Antislip stair treads cover the top of the stair 6" or less from the fore edge, where most activity takes place. Antislip stair tread covers and nosings cover more than 6" of the stair top and have a lip to cover the fore edge. Antislip stair landing covers have a lip and cover a larger area than standard stair tread covers. Antislip deck sheets and plates cover large flat areas.