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Rotary, Swivel and Expansion Joints

Help reduce vibration, dampen sound transmission, and reduce pipe joint damage with expansion joints from Grainger. These flexible, nonmetallic joints can absorb pipe movement/stress to help reduce system noise and extend system life. Many expansion joints are suitable for use in HVAC, petrochemical, industrial piping, power generating, marine service, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, and pollution control applications. Rotary joints allow the transfer of steam and fluids to rotating drums or rolls to control surface temperatures. Unions and elbows can also transfer air or hydraulic fluid to moving components, and add fluids to mixers while in motion. You can help avoid system breakdowns and lost production time with swivel joints that absorb system shock and avoid hose twisting/kinking and hose failure. Go to Grainger for the rotary joints, swivel joints, and expansion joints you need to meet your specific requirements.