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Raw Materials

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Raw materials are metal and nonmetal products available in various shapes and sizes for use in building, manufacturing, packaging, and more. Alloy steel, carbon steel, and aluminum are used for fabricating parts and providing structural support. Brass and copper are conductive metals commonly used for electrical parts. Ceramic forms heat-resistant, friction-reducing parts. Cork, felt, and foam supply sound insulation, cushioning, gasketing, and underlays. Fabric is widely used for textiles and packaging. Fiberglass is an alternative to metal where a nonconductive material is needed. Plastics are used for packaging, parts fabrication, wear strips, and more. Rubber and vinyl are often used to seal and protect underlying materials. Shim and shim stock serve as spacers and levelers. Stainless steel is often used in medical and food-processing applications. Wire cloth has openings for screening, sorting, and filtering processes.