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Rubber Sheets, Strips & Rolls

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Rubber sheets, strips, and rolls are used for sealing, cushioning, and formed into custom gaskets. Buna-N rubber resists oils, fuels, and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids. Butyl rubber is impermeable to air, moisture, and gas. EPDM rubber is used for weatherstripping, padding, and liners. Flurosilicone rubber withstands fuels, chemicals, and solvents and is used in the aerospace industry. Hypalon rubber insulates wires, cables, and sensitive equipment. Natural elastic rubber is flexible and abrasion-resistant. Neoprene rubber resists refrigerants and is commonly used in air conditioning systems. Polyurethane rubber has excellent tensile strength and tear resistance. Recycled rubber reduces waste and protects the environment. SBR rubber is flexible and abrasion-resistant. Silicone rubber tolerates high and low temperatures. Vinyl rubber is durable and resists chemicals. Viton rubber is used to fabricate gaskets, seals, and liners in chemical processing and petroleum applications.