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Foam Sheets, Strips & Rolls

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Foam sheets, strips, and rolls are used for shock absorption, flotation, and packaging applications. Buna-N foam is strong and resists oils and fuels. EPDM foam is weather-resistant and stands up to high temperatures and many different chemicals. ECH foam resists fuels, oils, high temperatures, and chemicals. EVA is a super-cushioning foam that absorbs shocks, resists tearing, and is often used for padding and straps. Fluorosilicone foam resists oils, fuels, chemicals, UV light, and extreme temperatures. Natural sponge foam is often used for sealing applications and, when compressed, quickly returns to its original shape. Neoprene foam resists oil and water and is often used to seal out water, air, or dust. Polyethylene and Polyurethane foam are often used for packaging, cushioning, and insulating. Viton foam resists chemicals, extreme temperatures, and is commonly used in applications involving oil.