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Hydrostatic Test Pumps

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Hydrostatic test pumps identify ruptures and leaks in various systems and components, such as hoses, boiler systems, and gas cylinders. Fire hose testers ensure hoses meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and are in good working order. Electric-operated hydrostatic pumps are driven by an electric motor and are more efficient than gas and air-operated pumps. Air-operated hydrostatic test pumps use compressed air to drive the pump and do not produce a spark during operation, making them suited for hazardous locations where flammable or combustible substances are present. Gas-operated hydrostatic test pumps use a gas-powered motor to drive the pump and are suited for environments where access to electricity or pneumatics is limited. Hand-operated hydrostatic test pumps are driven by a lever. They can be easily relocated and suited for applications where access to electricity may be limited or hazardous and easily ignitable materials are present. Repair kits for hydrostatic test pumps keep pumps operating and in good working order.