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Flow & Level Measurement & Controls

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Flow and level measurement controls ensure systems in industrial and commercial applications work as intended, maintain flow rates within nominal ranges, and help identify flow issues. Flowmeters measure the flow rate of media (e.g., liquid, gas, vapor) traveling through a system, while totalizers the total volume of media moved by the system. Sight glass flow indicators visually show the flow of media. Sight glass liquid level gauges show the levels of barrels, tanks, or other containers. Level sensors and transmitters are contact or non-contact electrical devices that calculate and display the levels of a container. They measure levels while immersed in the media or by using electromagnetic or ultrasonic waves outside of the media. Flow switches monitor and control media traveling through a system. Switches signal equipment on the system line when a setpoint is reached (e.g., no, low, or excess flow), turning pumps on or off, opening or closing valves, or activating alarms.