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Flowmeters & Totalizers

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Flowmeters measure the flow rate of media (e.g., gases, liquids, vapors) traveling through a system while totalizers measure the total volume of media moved by the system. Variable area flowmeters use floats or indicators enclosed within a tube. Media passing through the meter pushes float to indicate measurements. Turbine flowmeters and totalizers use turning rotors to measure the flow rate and total volume of media moved. Nutating disc flowmeters and totalizers have high accuracy and repeatability in low-flow applications with low-viscosity liquids. Paddlewheel flowmeters are used for measuring liquids, water, and water-based fluids. Oval gear flowmeters and totalizers measure highly viscous liquids. Compound flowmeters are used for systems with fluctuating flow rates. Magnetic flowmeters use electrodes and electromagnetic coils to measure conductive liquids such as water. Ultrasonic flowmeters use sound waves to measure acoustically conductive liquids such as water.