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Drum Pumps

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Drum pumps are hand-operated, electric-powered, or air-powered devices that suction fluids out of drums, barrels, pails, and intermediate bulk containers (also known as IBCs or totes). They reduce the risk of spills and minimize product waste by allowing fluid to be removed from containers that are too heavy or large to be tipped for pouring. The intake hose or tube of a drum pump fits through the opening of a container to dip into the fluid within. The drum pump's pumping mechanism draws fluid through the intake and discharges it from the pump's outlet. The parts of the pump in contact with fluids being pumped should be compatible to avoid damaging the pump or contaminating pumped fluids. Drum pumps are commonly used in agriculture, manufacturing, sanitation, and fleet maintenance operations for dispensing fuels or other fluids and transferring fluids to smaller containers.