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Drum Pump Suction Tubes & Hoses

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Drum pump suction tubes and hoses are intake shafts that work with a pump to draw fluid out of a container. The action of the pump pulls fluid through the suction tube or hose and discharges it through the pump outlet. The tube or hose material should be compatible with pumped fluids to prevent fluid contamination or damage to tubes and hoses. These tubes and hoses connect to a drum opening, a coupler attached to the opening, or the base of a pump seated on the opening.

Drum Pump Suction Hoses

Drum Pump Suction Hoses
Drum pump suction hoses are flexible intake shafts used as part of a coupling-and-valve system that allows pumps without suction tubes to be connected to a container. They provide a duct for fluids to move through as they're pumped out of a drum. These hoses are paired with a tote coupling and attached to a container's drum and tote valve.