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Booster Pumps, Motors, Impellers & Seal Kits

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Booster pumps reach higher pressures than standard centrifugal pumps. These pumps are used in specialized, industrial, and commercial applications requiring high-pressure levels such as water supply systems, cooling systems, and irrigation. Horizontal booster pumps are oriented horizontally rather than vertically. Vertical booster pumps are oriented vertically and occupy a smaller footprint than horizontal booster pumps. Constant pressure booster pumps maintain designated water pressure within a commercial, industrial, or residential building. Cartridge assemblies replace multiple impellers at once instead of individually repairing or replacing them. Seal kits and gaskets prevent water from exiting the pump body, keeping motors and bearing assemblies dry. Motors power the pump to move liquids through a system. Replacement parts must match the pumps' brand, series, and manufacturer model number. Flanges mount booster pumps between two sections of pipe.