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Precision Motion Control Couplings

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Beam shaft couplings feature a one-piece design with a set screw or clamp coupling collar at each end and a flexible beam permanently joining the two ends. They accommodate high angular misalignment and significantly reduce vibration. Slit couplings are precision machined for high torsional loads and extremely high RPM requirements. Bellows shaft couplings join two aluminum hubs through a flexible stainless steel accordion-like bellows section, for high torsional stiffness and torque transmission. Disc shaft couplings join two aluminum hubs through a set of single or double flexible discs. They maintain high torque transmission and torsional stiffness while coping with all forms of misalignment. Oldham coupling hubs connect two hubs with protruding tenons through non-conductive slotted discs. They accommodate very large amounts of parallel misalignment. Controlflex couplings join two coupling hubs through either a single or double non-conductive insert. These couplings are lightweight and good for high RPM applications.