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Ball Bearings

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Ball bearings have a smaller contact surface with the bearing raceway which reduces friction and allows the bearing to run at higher speeds but with a lower load capacity than roller bearings. Ball bearings consist of an inner and outer ring within which a series of balls ride along the internal curved surface referred to as a raceway. Radial ball bearings are the most common ball bearings used in a variety of rotary motion applications. Self-aligning ball bearings resist misalignment between the shaft and the bearing housing. Angular contact ball bearings handle simultaneous radial and axial loads. Flanged ball bearings have a flange at one end of the bearing to provide a thrust surface to support radial loads and light axial loads. Retaining ring ball bearings have a groove cut in the outer ring of the bearing to accommodate a retaining ring that holds the bearing in place. Agricultural bearings have heavy-duty housings with extra sealing to protect the bearing in rugged farming environments. Thin section bearings have a narrow design that is lightweight and requires less space than standard bearings for more design flexibility and running precision.

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