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Air-Powered Sanding & Finishing Tools

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Air-powered sanding and finishing tools use abrasives that remove material, refine surfaces to prepare for coatings, or create a final finish. These pneumatic sanders operate on compressed air and contain few moving parts, so they are lightweight to ease handling, run cool for a long lifespan, and require minimal maintenance. Random orbital sanders spin and whirl an abrasive disc to minimize swirl marks and cross-grain scratches. Rotary sanders rotate an abrasive disc for rapid stock removal and rough sanding. Belt sanders sand joints, edges, and contours with a narrow abrasive belt. Sheet and detail sanders slide their straight-sided sanding pad into corners and along vertical surfaces. Polishers and buffers rotate bonnets and woven pads for light stock removal and finishing. Drum and flap wheel finishing tools roll an abrasive along surfaces to clean, blend, grain, and polish. Dust collection accessories assist with capturing sanding dust to reduce respiratory hazards and cleanup.