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Air-Powered Nail Guns, Staple Guns & Riveting Tools

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Air-powered nail guns, staple guns, and riveting tools join two or more pieces of material. They use air pressure to fire fasteners, so they don't need to reset or rewind between shots. Air-powered tools are typically lighter than corded or cordless tools, helping to reduce operator fatigue when used for long periods of time. They have fewer moving parts, so they tend to run cooler and have a longer lifespan than corded and cordless tools. Air-powered nail guns (sometimes called nailers) are used in construction and other tasks to drive nails and pins quickly, accurately, and with less effort than manual hammers. Air-powered staple guns hold strips of U-shaped fasteners for joining two pieces of thin wood or securing wire and cording. Air-powered riveting tools use rivets to join two pieces of metal. Rivet presenters sort loose rivets and align them so they can be easily inserted into a rivet gun, allowing for one-handed operation.