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Chisels & Punches for Air-Powered Hammers

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Chisels are driven by the piston of an air-powered hammer to rapidly and repeatedly strike a surface for material removal and demolition tasks. Also called chisel bits, their shank is held in the hammer and their blade or tip makes contact with the material. Hammers accept chisels with a compatible shank size and shape. The different blade and tip styles determine the types of applications the chisel is suited for, such as chiseling, cutting, scraping, chipping, or driving. Air hammer chisels have a 0.401" or 0.498" round shank to fit a compatible air hammer. Chipping hammer chisels have a 0.580” or 0.680” round or hex shank to fit a compatible chipping hammer. Demolition hammer and breaker chisels have a hex, round, or square shank to fit a compatible demolition hammer or breaker.